May 21, 2013 by calamity3039

Much of the news is currently being  hogged by the latest scandals in Washington. The mainstream media largely targets the Baby Boomer demographic. Many Boomers get all haughty and insist they are not like the other “sheeple”. That they are the enlightened and read alternative news. This doesn’t make a dent on the variety of news. Too many old people are still glued to old media. Some have moved slightly past mainstream media. Not very far though. They still invest way too much energy in following scandals. I don’t care about Benghazi, the IRS, or AP. They are already old news.


There is nothing new about Benghazi. I really don’t know why it is getting so much air time. Wikileaks broke the scandals in the Middle East years ago. The diplomatic cables already showed the corruption and incompetence in foreign affairs.  Financial fraud and spying in the U.S. is not news. They have been doing this for years. The only difference is they targeted a fringe political party that is gaining in support. Targeting fringe candidates already happened to Ron Paul’s campaign last year.  The AP story already broke two years ago. Rupert Murdoch and his son have already come under investigation in the UK over illegal wire tapping.  By extension all other forms of mainstream media have been compromised as well. The news on these stories are just break offs of the bigger stories from the past few years.

The only reason they are alive is that Baby Boomers love scandals. I could care less. The major news networks know that Boomers will tune in for every little scandalous nugget they can spew out. They will go online to major broadcasters and read every story to make sure they have the full story. Often these stories don’t have a conclusion to the thousands of questions that are asked.  The news broadcasters do not want the answers. Even if they get them, they will report they are skeptical of their truth worthiness. They won’t give up their ratings. They hate when a high profile trial ends. Especially high profile trials of high profile officials. Its all a big circle jerk.

I have never been drawn into scandals. I know a little about the O.J. trial, Bill Clinton’s blow job, and the Bush/ Gore elections.  I don’t need to hear every mouthpiece spiral into speculation hell. Like a mess up faux journalism version of Dante’s Inferno. I don’t need to experience detailed witness accounts of all the levels. I already know there is massive fraud and corruption running free on Capital Hill. The reason Nixon was pardoned was to move the country forward and end the Watergate scandal for good.


My disgust for this behavior is growing with the favoritism of stories. The biggest reason Reddit grew so big is because the individual readers deem what is important. Those scandals don’t even register. The biggest story on Millennial media is the Gitmo hunger strike. The biggest publication on that story is RT. Most don’t even know that Obama flew in 40 healthcare professionals to force feeding tubes down their throats. The inmates are wanting the right to die with dignity. Over 70 inmates were set to be released in 2007 as Bush was leaving office. None have been charged with a crime. The NDAA officially turned Gitmo into a modern concentration camp and the inmates into political prisoners. We were able to legally put Nazis on trial in Nuremburg, but these men get no trial?


Have you heard of Kaitlyn Hunt yet? This 18 year old girl is having her life destroyed. She is most likely going to become a sex offender because her girlfriend’s parents couldn’t pray away the gay. The parents are conducting a witch hunt and blaming her for turning their daughter gay. They waited until she turned 18 to file charges against her for dating their daughter. This story is exploding on Reddit and Buzzfeed. Kaitlyn’s father is leading a movement to get the charges dropped against his daughter. She was suppose to graduate high school this month but instead got expelled. The only plea bargain they can get right now is for her to be under house arrest for 2 years. All because she dated a younger girl, with a less then 3 year age difference, while in high school.  There is already a call your representative campaign and Anonymous is on a hacking spree.


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