May 15, 2013 by calamity3039



The current legal economy is in such a state of decay, there is no saving it’s fate. There are still people waiting for good news. Waiting for someone higher up then themselves to save it all. True solutions will not rise through government or corporations. Many people are still so consumed with the old economy, that they will be one of the last in line, to hop on board the black market economy that is emerging. The new market is only in its first stages, but there are plenty of opportunities to not only survive the coming crash, but to profit off the crash.

Denial is a huge part of people losing out these days. It is not so much about the swindlers on Wall Street that is dooming them. It is their own distractions, and being unwilling to think for themselves. I really have no sympathy for people who will not take care of themselves. If you are not looking for alternative ways to make money, you are not taking care of yourself.




Being a good little hard worker, tax paying, 401k contributing drone is probably the worst thing you can be doing right now. Not investing in yourself is going to be handicap in the near future. Many people are more then willing, when they fall on hard times, to accept any form of government help. The government’s ignorant compassion, is not better then no compassion at all. I have seen people who are willing to be on food stamps, but don’t even know that you can buy seeds, to plant your own garden, with food stamps,. Many people will accept government healthcare, but won’t learn simple first aid and holistic healing for prevention. Many people will accept welfare to pay for their standard of living, but will not find a way to live as cheap as possible. They will not lower their own risk of someday becoming homeless or starving.

You can be the best prepper in the country, but if you have no tangible skills, you aren’t much better off. Storage will only last so long. If you do have skills, but have nobody who will pay or trade you for those skills, then those skills are nearly worthless. If you own gold and silver, and seriously believe that will be the form of currency, then my friend, you are delusional. During rough economic times, what you can trade will be the most valuable asset. As time goes on traditional forms of currency, paper or precious metals, will still be valuable, but scarcer then people realize.

The best things to trade, are things people will know to truly be luxury. I like to think of the jail economy. Jail inmates operate through the truest form of capitalism in the country. They most barter and trade. The most highly valued inmates, are easily able to flourish while behind bars, because they some of the best negotiators. They know what is considered luxury and what other inmates are wiling to trade for those luxuries.

The economy may not even fall that far, but these are still skills to learn. The 40 hour a week job is disappearing already. Many cannot find jobs, and those who can, aren’t working part time. People will still need money, food, clothing, decent shelter, water, and some luxury. Being the one to provide that within your immediate community will make you a major player in a black market economy.




Defining luxury is the hardest part. Right now, the idea of luxury in our economy is Armani, Gucci, high priced dinners, a night out on the town, beach vacations. Those will be the old luxury items very soon. What will replace them are booze, coffee, cigarettes, shampoo, soap, lighters, ammo, vegetables, vitamins, antibiotics, iodine, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, water, and the list goes on and on. I suspect a lot of money will be made if you can just take advantage of the former Starbucks addicts.

The black market is already forming in the most traditional sense. Pawn shops, gun stores, farmers markets, second hand stores, liquor stores, casinos, bars, and porn have all seen their industry profits grow. The vapid reality shows have are been replaced by shows such as Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty, American Pickers, Hardcore Pawn, Ax men, Swamp People, and Ice Road Truckers. There are plenty more that will be springing up soon enough on the major networks too



The scope of drama written shows have also changed. Two of the biggest shows right now is Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Both are drama series about survival. In would have been unthinkable 15 years ago that the shows Breaking Bad or Weeds would have been created. Both shows painting drugs in an acceptable light. Where the show revolves around acceptable reasoning of being in the drug business. Today, even though drug culture is becoming more mainstream there is still a huge reason why they aren’t legal. It has nothing to do with being a health hazard or the nanny state. Quite simply, drugs are a form of currency. Easily produced, high value, and able to trade. Right after the Colombian government fell, with little physical currency supple, people would do transactions with Base. It was an in between of the Cocaine plant and actual Cocaine. It was in high demand at the time because it kept its value pretty well. So has marijuana. In this country drugs are the most stabled priced goods. Since they are illegal and government can’t tamper with price controls, illegal drugs have kept their same purchasing power. Ask any concert goer over the past 50 years.




Another black market concept that has sprung up a few years ago is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not the smartest investment since it is still in its Beta years, but it is gaining credibility. Bitcoin is the new digital currency, that is operated as a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency. It is anonymous, outside of regulators, a fixed supple, and is becoming acceptable as payment. Currently the Bitcoin market is over 1 billion dollars and just hit a high of 70,000 transactions a day. It is a losing game for the Federal Government.




  1. Makati1 says:

    Until they shut it down…and they will.

  2. calamity3039 says:

    Hopefully, they are too busy with their new scandals on Capital Hill. May prove a good distraction for the American people to reassert themselves and grow a new economy.

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