May 12, 2013 by calamity3039



The sex offender laws are America’s modern scarlet letter. These laws brand many (mostly men) for the rest of their lives. Justly or not, there is no escape from a sexual conviction. I have many problems with these laws. Not just because the validity of them, but because they violate civil liberties. Most of these laws were enacted, not for the actual victims of rape, but because over hyped stranger danger fear.






These laws do not protect future victims. Why? Because the real sex offenders that commit these crimes, are often released on parole. When it comes to convicted rapists and pedophiles, the laws should be changed to keep them in jail for the rest of their lives. We should not be making laws that tract these people in the first place, because they should never be released. If these sex acts are the most perverse, they should stay in jail. Why even risk them having a chance to commit another sex crime?

If you think the sex offender laws are effective, you need to remember Jaycee Duggard. The little girl who was kidnapped and kept for over a decade. She was kidnapped by a convicted sex offender. There were multiple visits to his home by authorities, yet he wasn’t caught. There were many parole officer meetings, yet he wasn’t caught. There were many reports by neighbors about young girls at a known sex offenders residence, yet he wasn’t caught. These laws did not protect her at all.






My major problem with these laws is define what is sexual deviant. Around 60 years ago being homosexual was sexually deviant. It was illegal to practice sodomy even if you were a married heterosexual.There isn’t even debate anymore about that being legal. Now the debate is about gay people being legally married.

It has only been in the past few decades that teenage marriages have declined. Loretta Lynne was married when she was fourteen years old. Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty was married when she was sixteen years old. It wasn’t uncommon. Even thirty years ago it wasn’t uncommon for teenage girls to date men in their twenties. Now a 4 year age difference can get you branded.

Often all it takes is being accused to get you labeled as a sex offender. Just a woman accusing a man of rape seals his fate. It doesn’t even matter if it is true anymore. The rise of feminism effectively painted men as deviants. It doesn’t even matter anymore if there is evidence. If she said he did it, it must be true. While I was in college, my roommate lied about being raped, so her boyfriend would stay with her after she cheated. Lucky for the guy she accused, nobody believed her ridiculous story. It did destroy his credibility, just because she lied.






The list of what qualifies as a sex crime is growing. Now streaking, urinating in public, and sexting can land you on the sex offenders list. It just waters down the seriousness of sex offenders that are rapists. How any college streaker can be put on that lists baffles me. Same with a drunk dude pissing in public. These laws are just to attack men. I have seen many women sext, streak, and piss in public and are never branded as sex offenders. The idea of them being included is never considered. If a fourteen year old girl lies about her age to an eighteen year old, she is the victim. If a woman lies about rape, there are no charges filed against her. I would think both would be conspiring in a sex crime.



  1. gardener1 says:

    I saved your ass on TBP.

    You can thank me later.

  2. calamity3039 says:

    Which name is yours?

  3. gardener1 says:

    I have a funny story for you. Very entertaining. Shoot me an email hamlet1[at]

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