Israel, it was nice knowing you.

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May 8, 2013 by calamity3039

Israel’s recent attack on Syria is truly foolish. There is no doubt in my mind that Syria will have an official declaration of war with Israel within days. The lines are being draw, the Fourth Turning is heating up, it looks like the next World War will be in the Middle East. Unfortunately for Israel, they will need Western support, that won’t be there. America and Europe are broke. The Obama Administration cannot finance the Israeli war machine. Americans are already war weary from the past 12 years. There is not enough propaganda that will convince Americans to join the fight.

This not a war on terror. This is not Israel defending itself. This is not about radical Muslims. The NATION of Israel fired the first shots against the NATION of Syria. The proxy warfare officially crossed the line to real warfare. This is a game changer in international relations.

The Syrian People will Reunite

It may seem like the Syrian people would be easy to cross. I highly doubt it.  The Syrian peoples civil war to overthrow Assad will be put on the back burner. Though they hate their President, it won’t stop the Syria from reuniting, to defend their home land from foreign aggression. Israel will have to fight two fractions of Syrian defense. First the Syrian Army and then the asymmetric warfare tactics of the Syrian Rebels.

It should be assumed that Iran will be a heavy player in this conflict. Maybe even a direct confrontation. It was Iran’s arms shipment that was targeted. Iran has the capability to be a real block in Israel’s aggression. Iran has been under economic warfare due to the West acceleration of sanctions over the past few years. Though they had an effect on the common Iranian people, it didn’t change the course of the Iranian government. The effect was Iran becoming greater threat to Western influence. While their capability of nuclear warfare is debatable, they have none the less started be economic power house in the Middle East.

They don’t have the same problems as other Middle Eastern economies that are intertwined with West. They have been trading in other currencies with China and Russia for the past few years. They are not vulnerable to the same currency swings as other countries, that are dependent, on the value of U.S. Dollars. Because of this they have stronger trade agreements with Russia and China. They also are heavily involved in raw material trade. While the Western powers are going broke and trading off their raw materials, Iran is profiting from it. When war is present, that is going to have dire consequences for the West. America isn’t producing anymore. We don’t have any control of raw material trades. We are just the leader in cheap materialistic trade. We are very unprepared for real war. We are also severely unprepared to aid Israel against a country that can fight back.

The Emperor has No Clothes

Israel has no oil. They have only recently found some natural gas deposits off their coast. How much infrastructure is in place to extract large quantities is unknown. What is known, when oil needed for war, its a bitch to be the only country without oil reserves.

“Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once said that the only thing the Jews have against Moses is that he “brought us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil!”

Israel has to import most of its raw materials. This is not sustainable with war. Their economy isn’t independent enough.  They have imports now, but that can be disrupted at anytime. Israel’s enemies can find way to close off Israel. There are plenty of water ways that will have to be defended. Israel has been looking to enlarge their Navy fleet, but they have the open waters of the Mediterranean on their coast. Right now they have Turkey as an ally on that coast. Egypt is another story though. With the Muslim Brotherhood in power it is likely Naval warfare will be  involved.

Israel’s Financial Economy

I could make Israel and banker jokes all I want, but their biggest resource right now is finances. They are not a debt fueled economy. They have great stability within the Bank of Israel with its 78 billion in reserves. However, they are highly tied to American banks. The head of the Bank of Israel is Stanley Fischer. He has worked for Citigroup, IMF, World Bank and MIT as a professor. We all know how heavily tied the Bank of Israel is tied to the Federal Reserve, and the American banking system. If this is their biggest asset they are in deep, deep, deep trouble.  If anything drastic happens  in the American or European markets, they are toast.

Right now,  the moment is coming where the U.S. needs to shit or get off the pot with Israel. Quite frankly, I don’t wish to see America involved in another war. I don’t want more of my money being funneled to Israeli interests. I don’t want to see our own defense weakened. I don’t want more of my generation dying in war. I don’t want higher gas prices.


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