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May 3, 2013 by calamity3039

What has third wave feminism give my generation?


The days of Audrey Hepburn are gone.

The greatest strength of women was their femininity. A few decades ago, they traded it in to show off their sexuality. Now alcohol abuse is rising with young women. It is now a norm for women to be binge drinkers. My generation is now the hook up generation. Young women are abrasive, hateful, and rude.

Recently, a Delta Gamma sorority president as the University of Maryland sent a hate filled email to her sisters. It didn’t take long for the email to go viral and destroy this girl life. Attribute it to being young and dumb, but good luck to her getting a job after graduation. You can read the email at:


Millennials aren’t getting married

We grew up in the mist of divorce. We grew up in single mother homes. Most young people don’t know what a marriage is anymore. It was common that if you weren’t happy, you could just leave. No fault divorce was the single worse thing that happened to my generation.

Fathers were forced out of the family unit in huge numbers. Many were reduced to being a paycheck in their children’s lives. Today it is not in the best interests of young men to get married. Their wives can leave them for no reason. Men are less likely to get custody of their children. State enforced child support is also a major problem. Men don’t have any rights of where their child support is allocated. Their exes can spend that money on anything they choose.


Feminism gave women choices

Yeah, it gave women a choice, as long as you choose to work. Women who want to stay home and raise their children are stigmatized. When two incomes are required to support a family, it isn’t a choice. It isn’t acceptable anymore for women to educate their own children. So instead many women are required to put leave their children with other people.


I hope my generation is able to turn these trends around. The outcome doesn’t look favorable though.


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