Millennial Poverty

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April 30, 2013 by calamity3039

As a youth of this country, I can tell you first hand, the Millennials have been living through a depression. We are largely broke. Unemployment for those under 30 is estimated as 12 percent. Factor in underemployment it grows. Factor in the real life, college students have been hiding out from the job market, they have stayed in higher education. If you counted college students into the unemployment rate, those figures would spike. We would be looking at the same rate of youth unemployment of Spain and Greece.


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released the song “Thrift Shop” at the end of 2012. The video on Youtube has 274 million views. The song itself perfectly displays youth poverty. Here are some of the lyrics:

I am stunting and flossing and saving my money

and I am halla happy That’s a bargain Bitch,

I’mma take your grandpa style, I’mma take your grandpa style,
no for real, ask your grandpa, Can I have his hand-me-downs?”
One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up,
Thank your granddad for donating that plaid button up shirt”
They be like “Oh that Gucci, that’s hella tight” 
I’m like “Yo, that’s fifty dollars for a t-shirt”
Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition
Fifty dollars for a t-shirt, that’s just some ignorant bitch shit
I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit
I call that getting tricked by a business”

Still think those student loans are going to be repayed? Still think that Social Security will be save? Still think Millennials will buy cars and houses? Still think the old economy is coming back?
I call that some ignorant bitch shit!

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