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April 28, 2013 by calamity3039

My family is from an old farm town in Bath, Michigan. Back in 1927 something terrible happened. Andrew Keyhoe was a man who wanted to watch the world burn. He was on the brink of bankruptcy, about to lose his livelihood because of high property taxes. The community had raised taxes to build a new consolidated school. Keyhoe and his wife were middle aged without children. So say the least he had a grudge against his community. He decided to punish the town by blowing up their children with 1,000 lbs of dynamite.


He spent a year planning his revenge. Most of that time was acquiring dynamite. This seems odd today and would be a red flag. Back in the 1920’s though a lot of farmers used dynamite on their farms. Keyhoe was a school treasure who nobody suspected of slowing sneaking explosives into the school basement. By the time he was ready to blow up the school he had placed 500lbs of dynamite on each side of the school.


A day or two before the bombing he killed his wife would had suffered from tuberculosis. He killed  her with blunt force trauma to her head, put her in a wheel barrel, and burned her body. It took days afterward of police searching his farm to realized that her remains were in the wheel barrel. He then killed all his livestock, crops, stripped the bark off his trees so nothing could grow on them, and burnt his own house to the ground. He want to make sure there were no asset left of his life for the town. To this day the town owns his property because nobody wants it.

This is sign is all that has left of his farm


On May 18, 1927 the school was set to explode at 9:45am. Only half the school detonated. To this day nobody knows why the other side didn’t blow. The explosive were st up properly and should not have been a dud. My family was lucky. My great aunt and uncle were in classes on the side of the school that didn’t explode.


Andrew Keyhoe arrived at the school not long after the explosion. He was probably within sight of seeing the explosion though. When he arrived in his car he waited for the police to come and arrest him. Once they surrounded his car he set off another bomb and killed several policemen, the school superintendent, and * year old Cleo Clayton who had just exited the school after surviving  the explosion. Keyhoe had turned his car into a massive shrapnel bomb. He never intended to be taken alive.


The aftermath was very different from today. They rebuilt the school through taxes and donations, tended to the victims, and held a trial against Keyhoe after his death to determine that he was solely responsible. The only laws that got passed afterward was quantity limits on dynamite. From hearing the stories from my family and community it was simple. He was a lunatic and they moved on.


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