Sympathy for the Devil

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April 25, 2013 by calamity3039

“When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” -Gerald Celente

When I heard the news about the bombings last week I wasn’t surprised at all. I was more taken aback that it was carried out by Islamic Brothers. See, I though it would have easily been another crazy white man, quite possibly a veteran. Then I learn they were permanent residents, one actually being a U.S. citizen, I had my “Ah, ha” moment. A generational rift has been present all along.

In this particular country, there is something terrible happening with our young men. Traditionally a young man could get a job. Or a young man could get a college degree and then get a better job. These days neither is happening. Most importantly the lack of jobs. Lack of jobs well suited jobs for men. I have believed for years that one of the worst things that has happened to men in our country were having them work at jobs in a tiny cubicle. That is just not how they are built.


Lack of jobs is an even worse situation. While many in the media and older people (sorry, old folks) want to believe this is a Jihad they are dead wrong. Men not having jobs or being on a prolonged education route is a a pressure cookers waiting to explode. Men with plenty of time on their hands and no hope for a future is a dangerous maletav cocktail waiting to be thrown. It seems that many are underestimating how depressing this is for young men.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a perfect example of this.  It has been reported that he had a few bullshit jobs here and there. He and his wife at one point were on welfare programs. It has been reported that he had no job and stayed at home with his daughter while his wife worked. Though Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in college he was in the same situation. His tuition alone at UMass was reported to be 22,000 dollars with room and board. He was reported to have worked as a lifeguard at one time but was currently unemployed during the time of the bombing. The only way the younger brother made money was through shady side gigs and selling pot. (source:his twitter account) No formal job, this is the new reality of young people.


The brothers had plenty of time to be self radicalized, but not in the jihadist route. Through the Alex Jones route. Very few people will face this. They were against the Iraq and Afghanistan war the same way many young people are. I have had numerous friends be depolyed and come home fucked up. Many are searching for answers as to why they were there. I had one veteran friend from Iraq constantly watch “Lose Change” trying to make some sense of his experience. He still hasn’t found his answers. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev even tweeted “you guys know that the suicide rate for active duty american soldiers is at an all time high for 2012, a suicide a day, whats the ?”

There is a bigger problem growing that will make the Tsarnaev brothers look kind. Having thousands of young men returning home with no jobs, no future, and guerilla warfare training. This problem is going to intensify quickly.  There is plenty of anger steaming out.

Koothrappali:  Of course you feel terrible, you completely screwed up your karma dude!
Sheldon: You don’t really believe in that superstition, do you?
Raj: It’s not superstition, it’s practically Newtonian.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Leonard pretends to be a friend and acts like a two-faced bitch, therefore he is reborn as a banana slug.  It’s actually a very elegant system.  You know, what goes around comes around.


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